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The day I find the words, “Die Bitch” carved into my dorm mattress, I’m pretty sure I’m not ready for the whole college experience and think I should just pack up and go home. It’s not like I’m having the time of my life anyway—I’m your basic late bloomer. A socially awkward freshman who’s never even been kissed.
My best friend from back home has other ideas, though, and somehow convinces her older brother and his friend to take me on as a third roommate in their house near campus. Her very hot brother and his equally gorgeous best friend. It’s basically chiseled bodies, piercing eyes, strong hands, and testosterone twenty-four-seven at my house. They’re the kind of guys a nerdy girl like me could never even dream about. Though, that doesn’t stop me from my lurid fantasies.
But the day Shane finds my secret notebook, the one where I outline my plan to lose my virginity using the scientific method, he offers me another proposition: He and Fletch will tutor me until I’m ready to take what I learn from our lessons out of the house and into the wild.

Now I’ve got two virile men giving me a very adult education, and the one thing I’ve always been good at is being a star pupil. The best part is I don’t have to choose—I get them both and can literally do anything I want to them.
Except keep them.
Author Confession: This is a little different from my other stories—but it still features the ever-awkward heroine and hunky alphamallows you’ve come to expect from me. It’s a serial, not a series, so you’ll want to read the episodes in order. It’s just as filthy-sweet as everything else I write, I promise. These three have been living in my head for over a year trying to get me to tell their story. Penelope has a lot to learn—but don’t worry—she’s got two amazing teachers to help her every step of the way. (The serial starts off MFM, but don’t despair, MMF lovers, it’s a slow burn but we are totally going there.)

Coming June 15, 2018!!

His mousy temptress is pure, innocent, and untouched. But not for long…
Markellan Bran, the brutishly handsome Prince of Kentigen, is used to taking what he wants, and what he wants from first sight is the plain, simple, and American Violet Havisham for his wife. He sees what most don’t when he looks at her—a curvy angel hiding an inner vixen. One who’s hot as sin and a woman complex and challenging enough to be his bride. He is confident that he can conquer anything—and Violet’s heart is next.

Violet Havisham finds everything about the brash, nearly uncivilized prince unsettling. She’s recently left the monastery and craves a quiet life. Falling for a devil of man like Prince Markellan would be a royal mistake. He’s too big, too brutish, and too darkly sensual for her. He says he wants to give her the one thing she left the cloister for—a baby. But surely she’d be better off adopting than taking her chances with a reckless, dangerous beast.

In his culture, the honeymoon comes before the wedding, and the bridegroom must convince the bride to marry him based on his honeymoon “performance.” So Prince Markellan makes her a deal—give him one week to satisfy her every need, and if she can walk away, he’ll let her go.

Author confession: If she can walk at all after a week in his palace, it will be a miracle. If you know what I mean. Did I mention that Prince Markellan’s country is a fertility culture that worships women and all things carnal? The men there spend years learning the arts of pleasing and caring for their women. And you know he’s not going to let her go with his royal baby in her belly. If you’re looking for a BBW heroine, a royal hero, beastly alpha dirty talk, and opposites attract in an instalove minute, you’re in the right place. It wouldn’t be a Brill Harper book if it wasn’t as sweet as it is filthy.
Roman O’Grady is just doing his time tapping kegs at the neighborhood pub while he socks away money for his dream: to own his own brewery. What he doesn’t have time for are relationships, but not being interested seems to make the women in the bar want him more.

That’s when she starts coming in. Mousy, plump Annabelle Rogers, roommate of his co-worker. She brings her books to the pub and seems to do everything she can to stay invisible. So why does he keep noticing her?

One night, when a female patron is getting particularly handsy with him, he tells everyone that Annabelle is his girlfriend and kisses her in front of the whole bar. She has every right to be mad, but the mousy girl surprises him with a challenge: She’ll pretend to be his girlfriend to keep the women away if he agrees to help her with one little thing: losing her virginity.

With a catch.

He absolutely isn’t allowed to fall in love with her.

Author Confession: It’s a role reversal for the bartender to give the customer the tip, isn’t it? There’s also tapping, dry hopping, and some thick foamy head—it is a bar after all. But do you really think I could write an alphamallow who doesn’t fall head over heels for the mousy, plump girl? I think you all know me better than that by now. Let’s hear it for BBW love and blue collar heroes!